I am an ecopsychologist residing in Sonoma County, CA. I have an eclectic background, including a previous lifetime as an environmental educator and also as a theatre instructor. Currently I see clients in both San Francisco and Western Sonoma.

This is my journal of applied ecopsychology, and here you will find ways of falling in love...with yourself, with the place where you live, with non-human others, and with being ALIVE. I admit I have an agenda...I love this world and I want to see it survive beyond our current era of industrial collapse and environmental degradation. Whatever we love, we protect. In this day and age, loving feels dangerous because so much is at stake, the future so unsure. There's lots of ways to get bummed out about our state of affairs, but while the grief is a necessary and key component to feeling empowered, I really want to orient you to why you give a shit in the first place. Because it's the love that's going to see us through dark times, and kids...we better have a good flashlight.

Want to know more about ecopsychology, wild edibles and medicinals, connection to place and interspecies connection? Stick around. Interested in moving through earth grief, environmental despair or eco-anxiety? You can find out more about my therapy practice at my professional site, where I specialize in working with these issues.